St. Maarten Travel Tips

St. Maarten Travel Tips

St Maarten is a southern Caribbean island bordering Saint Martin. The island’s official languages are Dutch, English and Papiamento. Papiamento is a Creole language that is a mix of English, Dutch, African, French and Spanish languages. The first European settlers in Sint Maarten came in 1648 from France and Dutch. The Dutch portion of the island is about 34 kilometer sq and borders the larger northern French Saint Martin. The island’s capital is Philipsburg. The island is mostly low lying, but it is peppered with lagoons and salt pans as well as a rugged terrain with valleys and hills. The predominant vegetation in St Maarten are native Caribbean trees, palm trees and hibiscus. The weather in the island varies from humid to hot tropical climate. The average day temperature is in the range of 28C and 30C, while the average nighttime temperature can fall to 23C.

Favorite Tourist sites


The island is home to flashy shopping centers, tourist friendly shopping centers, sprawling resorts, reasonably priced casinos and a number of high-end condominiums. The greatest attraction in St Maarten includes Cupecoy Bay, Mount Flagstaff and the elegant Sint Maarten Museum. Cupecoy Beach is a picturesque area that is close to the French St Martin border. The most common features in this place include shoreline caves and white sandy beaches. The beach is popular for surfing and strolling. The St Maarten Museum normally plays host to a number of cultural activities and exhibitions showing the history, archeology and geology of the island and its inhabitants.

Mount Flagstaff overlooks a hilly terrain and breathtaking beaches; the extinct mountain also hosts a number of bays and coves. When traveling to the mountains in St Maarten it is best to rent an all terrain vehicle from St Maarten car rental to reach all the best spots. Visitors to St Maarten can also see great historic artifacts of objects salvage from ship wrecks and traditional industries. Besides the attractive sites, visitors to St Maarten can also engage in fun activities such as sailing, snorkeling, sunning, deep sea diving, swimming and shopping. The island is dot with some amazing jewelry stores and unrivaled duty free shops, which offer visitors massive discounts. The merchandise on sale includes designer clothes, liquor, cigars and watches.

Best Local Food and Nightlife


St Maarten is home to various hotels and restaurants that cater for various budgets from expensive and upscale to midrange. The largest mega-resorts in the island include Westin St. Maarten, Marquis Hotel, Cap Caraibes Resort and Radisson St Martin Resort. There are also several condos and small budget inns.

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When planning a trip to the Caribbean, most tourists envision themselves lying on the beach soaking up the essence of the sun while sipping on a tropical drink in hand. If you agree, then the island of St. Maarten is the ideal vacation spot for you. Experience pure relaxation and a whole lot more fun activities!

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